Mother in law log cabin annex!!

Have you had another enjoyable Christmas but just found that there are too many people in one house and you can’t seem to get any space. The perfect solution to this is the mother in law annex. Rather than extend your house why not create your mother in law her own room via a log cabin at the end of your garden. Not only does this add value to your property inexpensively but it also allows you to obtain some space in an evening.

log cabin annexe

Christmas is a time for family and it has to be said is enjoyed by the majority of us but there are times when family can be a bit too much so creating the perfect space and annex allow you to maintain some privacy. The great aspect of a mother in law log cabin annex is that you can use it all year round for summer parties, birthdays and also use it for other guests!!! When not in use the benefit of log cabins is that they can be transformed into a number of different garden rooms which allows you to create a place of relaxation and an area where you can unwind after a long day at work.

The perfect way to design this would be to add a sofa bed that way you can have a sofa to relax on and play the latest consoles and watch the biggest sporting events of the year or a romantic film with your other half perhaps. On the flip side excuse the pun you can transform the settee in to a bed and increase the number of rooms you have to offer in your household.

Have you still got some cash left from Christmas?? If so why not start planning your annex now.

The same applies to father in laws as well!!!

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