London’s Most Expensive Shed – £260,000!

Sitting quietly in one of London’s most sort after property locations, Highgate Village, this sleepy little shed is currently on the market for a whooping £260,000! From first glances the outside is nothing special, flat-roofed and brick, a typical outhouse you would think? Well if you open the door you’ll find a 250 sq ft property that contains a plush shower, kitchenette, skylights and wall to wall wooden floor.

Still not worth £260,000? Well add on top of this the potential of schmoozing with Jude Law and Kate Moss, who have both recently brought properties in the area. Funny enough the experts themselves are divided on whether or not it is good value. Described by estate agents as an unusual property it is still almost 10 times the average London salary, which is just over £27,000. Furthermore, if this article catches your eye as more as a sale advert then I will just say who every decides to purchase this ‘supershed’ will only be able to spend a few nights a week sleeping there due to the restrictions on the building.

Fortunately the estate agents have has a few artists interested in using it as a studio, or the other option is that it is a perfect crash pad for someone who is only in London a few nights a week. A director of property website Zoopla, Nicholas Leeming, has been quoted saying: ‘The question is whether anyone is willing to overlook the limitations of a property like this for the sake of a prime location.’

So £260,000 for a shed, what could you get for that price in the surround area? A few miles further east, situated close to the Olympic Park, you can purchase a house for around the same amount. In Halstead, Essex, there is a penthouse in a church that is going for a similar value and comes complete with stain-glass windows. Finally a cottage near Kingsbridge in Devon is on the market for this value, and it even comes with a barn almost as big as this supershed.

It certainly puts it into context when you can purchase a cheap garden shed from Waltons at 1000 times under that price that you can be in whenever you like.

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