How to make the best of all this rainwater

You may have noticed recently that we have had a bit of rain recently, and you may also notice this is quite an understatement. But with all this is rain us gardeners have been given a much needed lifeline, especially as the hosepipe ban was going to hit some areas hard, and it is set to continue.

So how can you make the best of this bad weather and turn it into something useful?

The simple answer is to collect it. You may have seen people use mugs, saucepans and even shoes to collect water, but the best way is with a water butt. They are the cheapest and simplest method of collecting water as they fit under the drainpipe. Sales have recently shot up for water butts since the hosepipe ban was proposed as it is estimated that 24,000 litres can be saved each year from a typical house roof. You can also store water in watering cans and in buckets is you want to make use of the water immediately.

It is worth stressing that the water should only be used for the gardens as rain water gathered from roofs could be contaminated from particles of pollution on your roof and water butts can attract mosquitoes if you do not have a lid. But the mosquitoes are no real concern as special gels and crystals can be purchased, or if you are on a budget then you can use half a teaspoon of cooking oil and this will create a film across the top of the water and stop them from breading.

You can also gather water from your greenhouse too. Most of the greenhouses in the Waltons come with external guttering and you can purchase separately (at very little cost) a drainage kit for the greenhouse, in which you can attach a water butt to and use the water collected on the plants inside.

How has the rainwater effected you and are you storing it?

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