Summer Houses

Summerhouses are the ideal addition to any home and garden and create the perfect sun trap. Whether you are looking to utilise a summerhouse as an area for relaxation, party area for friends and family or a games room for the children there are an abundance of ideas that can be implemented. A summerhouse is the perfect alternative to a log cabin which saves you space, cost and still allows you to own a building that is versatile and can be transformed into numerous garden rooms throughout the year.

This versatility is what makes summerhouses unique in comparison to other garden buildings as they can be used for storage like the extensive range of sheds that are on the market, create a focal point within your garden and be transformed into the garden room of your choice allowing you to put your own stamp on the summerhouse. Other buildings can be restrictive and be used for a single use.

Summerhouses can also be painted to the colour of your choice and there are some fine examples of blue and crème colours which really bring the summerhouses and your garden to life. The same effect can not be implemented with a shed and rather than an area tucked away in your garden you will want your summerhouse to be in view for everyone to see.

There are a range of summerhouse designs including octagonal, contemporary, 1970’s retro look and villa designs. There is sure to be a design to suit each and every garden plus your choice of style.

You can view Walton’s extensive range of summerhouses at Our firm favourites include the Walton’s Contemporary Corner Summerhouse which is available in 7×7 and 8×8 and offers a contemporary and modern looking design with double doors it is the perfect sun trap. If you are lucky enough to have a larger budget the Walton’s Helios Summerhouses are an ideal option available in 8×8, 10×8 and 10×10 so perfect for the slightly larger gardens. The Helios summerhouse is versatile and can simply be transformed into a home gym and many other garden rooms when it is not being utilised in the summer for garden parties and a sun trap.

If you are looking for a cheap but quality summerhouse Walton’s recommendation would be a Bournemouth Summerhouse. With appeal, traditional character and great value these summerhouses can transform your gardens appeal simply and effectively.

Top end are the Villa designs and boast side sheds for storage and a specific sitting area creating the perfect place to gain five minutes peace and quiet plus you will feel miles away from the stresses of home life in your back garden. My perfect design with this summerhouse would be to transform the side shed into a small sauna…..wouldn’t that be relaxing.

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